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The programme of CBGA 2010 consists of 33 Special and 11 General Sessions. Click on more> next to the title of each session to get a description of its focus and objectives.


Click here to download the Presentation Programme.


Click here to download the full set of Special Session descriptions.


Special Sessions

S01. Subduction and exhumation of continental margins and the role of oceanic convergence in the Carpathian-Balkan region more>

Conveners: Anne Rassios (GR), Dimitri Kostopoulos (GR) & Alastair Robertson (UK)


S02. Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in the Balkan region more>

Conveners: Dimitrios Papanikolaou (GR) & Sándor Kovács (HU)


S03. Circum Pannonian Terranes – Eastern Alps, Carpathians, Dinarides (tectonostratigraphy, palaeotectonic evolution and present-day structure – presentation of monography TERRANES) more>

Conveners: Josef Vozár (SK), Fritz Ebner (AT) & János Haas (HU)


S04. Correlating Mesozoic lithostratigraphic units within the Carpathian-Balkan region more>

Conveners: Geza Császár (HU), Michael Wagreich (AT) & Josef Michalik (SK)


S05. Advances in geology and geodynamic evolution of the Rhodope Massif more>

Conveners: Nikolay Bonev (BG) & Andreas Magganas (GR)


S06. The Eocene-Oligocene Thrace basin in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece: sedimentation and tectonics more>

Conveners: Aral I. Okay (TR), William Cavazza (IT) & Dimitrios Papanikolaou (GR)


S07. Danube valley geological structure, neotectonic activity and evolution during the Pliocene - Pleistocene time more>

Conveners: Enciu Petru (RO) & Stefan Shanov (BG)


S08. New insights on geodynamics of the Vrancea Zone (Romania) and implications for continental tectonics more>

Conveners: James H. Knapp (USA), Camelia C. Knapp (USA) & Victor Mocanu (RO)


S09. Geology of the Pieniny Klippen Belt and the role of zones with extensive shortening in the structure of orogenic belts more>

Conveners: Dušan Plašienka (SK) & Nestor Oszczypko (PL)

 S10. Geology, geophysics, tectonics and geodynamics of Eastern Anatolia Accretionary Complex (Eastern Turkey high plateau) more>

Conveners: Mustafa Toker (TR), Sinan Özener (TR) & Petko Dimitrov (BG)


S11. Olistostromes and their role in tectonostratigraphic reconstructions of the Carpathian-Balkan region more>

Conveners: Marek Cieszkowski (PL) & Marek Wendorff (BW)


S12. The Upper Miocene Paratethyan regime in the Aegean region: causes, timing and implications more>

Conveners: Dimitris Kostopoulos (GR), George Syrides (GR) & Imre Magyar (HU)


S13. Neogene palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and climatic records in South-Eastern Europe more>

Conveners: George Koufos (GR), Maria Triantaphyllou (GR) & Mathias Harzhauer (AT)

S14. Radiolarian biochronology: key to tectonostratigraphic reconstructions

Conveners: Taniel Danelian (FR) & Spela Gorican (SI) more>


S15. Tertiary potassic and ultrapotassic magmatism along the Carpathian-Balkan-Dinaride chain: petrological processes and geodynamics more>

Conveners: Giampero Poli (IT), Vladica Cvetković (RS) & Antonis Koroneos (GR)

S16. Progress in understanding the evolution of the Late Alpine-Quaternary magmatism and geodynamic history of the Carpathian-Balkan region more>

Conveners: Ioan Seghedi (RO) & Hilary Downes (UK)

S17. Phanerozoic geodynamic evolution of the Balkan Peninsula: constraints from petrological and geochronological studies more>

Conveners: Albrecht von Quadt (CH), Franz Neubauer (AT) & Peter Marchev (BG)


S18. New advances of understanding physical volcanology processes in the Carpathian-Balkan Region from a global perspective more>

Conveners: Karoly Nemeth (NZ) & Zoltan Pecskay (HU)


S19. Triassic rifting magmatism and associated deep-water sedimentation: their significance in the early evolution of the western part of Neotethys more>

Conveners: Ladislav Palinkaš (HR), Sándor Kovács (HU) & Georgios Migiros (GR)


S20. Marine mineralization associated with volcanic arc and other environments, with emphasis on the Aegean and Black Sea more>

Conveners: Soterios Varnavas (GR), Konstantinos Papavasileiou (GR) & David Cronan (UK)


S21. Metallogeny along the Carpathian-Balkan region more>

Conveners: Robert Moritz (CH), Panagiotis Voudouris (GR) & Vasilis Melfos (GR)

S22. Large-scale tectonic controls on fertility of magmatic suites for ore genesis in the Carpathian-Balkan region more>

Conveners: Albrecht von Quadt (CH), Irena Peytcheva (BG) & Peter Marchev (BG)


S23. Gemology more>

Conveners: Stefanos Karampelas (CH), Spyros Sklavounos (GR) & Corina Ionescu (RO)

S24. Natural stones, usage and testing more>

Conveners: Török Ákos (HU), Magdalini Theodoridou (HU) & Richard Přikryl (CZ)


S25. Weather modification more>

Conveners: Theodoros Karakostas (GR) & Mladen Curic (RS)


S26. Measurements and modeling of biologically active UV solar radiation: towards balancing between risks and benefits more>

Conveners: Alkiviadis Bais (GR) & Irina Terenetskaya (UKR)


S27. Palaeoenvironmental research in Balkan mountain areas more>

Conveners: Karsten Grunewald (DE) & Ivan Traykov (BG)


S28. Geotourism more>

Conveners: Gejza Timčák (SK), Jana Jablonska (SK) & Tadeusz Slomka (PL)


S29. Promoting geoconservation in South-Eastern Europe – Geoparks more>

Conveners: Charalambos Fassoulas (GR), Nickolas Zouros (GR) & Dan Grigorescu (RO)


S30. Underwater geoarchaeology: an interdisciplinary field bridging marine geosciences and underwater archaeology more>

Conveners: Dimitrios Sakellariou (GR), Vasilios Lykousis (GR) & Nicholas Flemming (UK)


S31. Earthquake archaeology and geoarchaeology around Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (special IGCP 567 session) more>

Conveners: Manuel Sintubin (BE), Stathis Stiros (GR) & Klaus Reicherter (DE)


S32. The use and applications of GPS and InSAR to geohazards across South-Eastern Europe more>

Conveners: Athanasios Ganas (GR) & Pierre Briole (FR)


S33. Assessment of climate, natural hazard and anthropogenic influence in Carpathian-Balkan lake sediments more>

Conveners: Aurelien van Welden (NO), Gianni Zanchetta (IT) & Rexhep Koci (AL)


General Sessions

G01. Structural geology and Neotectonics


G02. Stratigraphy and Palaeontology


G03. Applied geology (engineering geology, hydrogeology, urban geology, etc.)


G04. Mineral sciences, Petrology, Geochemistry, Isotope geology and Volcanology


G05. Seismology, Geophysics and Physics of the Earth’s interior


G06. Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric environment


G07. Earth sciences and Society (teaching and education, health, sustainable development, etc.)


G08. Physical geography, Sedimentology, Quaternary geology, Karst and Speleology


G09. Remote sensing and information technologies in geosciences


G10. Marine geology and Oceanography


G11. Environmental geosciences

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