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Department of Geology
Founded in 2001. Derived by the division of the former Department of Geology and Physical Geography, already operating since 1983.

The Department is located in:
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (Ground Floor, West Wing)
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (2nd Floor, East Wing)
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (New Wing)

Professor Kilias, Adamantios kilias@geo.auth.gr Tel. +30 2310 99.8548

Administration Office

    Tel. +30 2310 99.8556, 8558
    Fax. +30 2310 99.8482, 8506

Laboratory of Geology and Palaeontology
Founded in 1929 as Laboratory of Geology, Petrology and Mineralogy and renamed to Laboratory of Geology and Paleontology in 1938.
Head: Professor Koufos, George.

Laboratory of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
Founded in 1990.
Head: Professor Christaras, Basile.

Palaeontological Museum [website in Greek]
Opened in 1940 and officialy founded in 1990.
Curator: Assist. Prof. Kostopoulos, S. Dimitris.

Academic Staff
Kilias, Adamantios Professor kilias@geo.auth.gr Tel. +30 2310 99.8458
Koufos, George Professor koufos@geo.auth.gr 99.8464
Pavlides, Spyridon Professor pavlides@geo.auth.gr 99.8494, 99.8021
Christaras, Basile Professor christar@geo.auth.gr 99.8506
Tsoukala, Evaggelia Professor lilits@geo.auth.gr 99.8517
Syrides, George Associate Professor syrides@geo.auth.gr 99.8516
Tranos, Markos Associate Professor tranos@geo.auth.gr 99.8830
Voudouris, Konstantinos Associate Professor kvoudour@geo.auth.gr 99.8041
Kostopoulos, S. Dimitris Assistant Professor dkostop@geo.auth.gr  99.8540
Marinos, Vassilios Assistant Professor marinosv@geo.auth.gr 99.8518
Chatzipetros, Alexandros Assistant Professor ac@geo.auth.gr 99.8512

Dimopoulos, Georgios

Former Professor gdimop@geo.auth.gr 99.8451
Mountrakis, Dimosthenis Professor Emeritus dmountra@geo.auth.gr 99.8481
Soulios, Georgios Professor Emeritus gsoulios@geo.auth.gr 99.8511
Fytikas, Michael Professor Emeritus fytikas@geo.auth.gr 99.8475
Teaching and Technical Personnel
Thomaidou, Effimia (Dr)   efithom@geo.auth.gr 99.8546
Kaklis, Triantafyllos (Dr)   kaklis@geo.auth.gr  99.8152
Makedon, Thomas (Dr)   thomas@geo.auth.gr  99.8529
Mattas, Christos (Dr)   cmattas@geo.auth.gr  99.8519
Mintzaridis, Stergios   mintzari@geo.auth.gr 99.8588
Papachristou, Maria (Dr)   mariap@geo.auth.gr 99.8544
Sylvestrou, Ioanna (Dr)   sylvest@geo.auth.gr 99.8556
Christou, Dimitra   dimitra@geo.auth.gr 99.8558
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