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Department of Geophysics
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Founded in 1983 as Department of Geophysics and Geotectonics and renamed in 1984 to its current name.

The Department is located in:
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (2nd Floor, West Wing)
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (New Wing)
- Seismological Station A.U.Th.

Professor Tsokas, Grigorios gtsokas@geo.auth.gr Tel. +30 2310 99.8534

Laboratory of Geophysics
Founded in 1976.
Head: Professor Papazachos, Konstantinos.

Exploration Geophysics Laboratory [website]
Founded in 2002.
Head: Professor Tsokas, Grigorios.

Seismological Station of A.U.TH. [website]
Founded in 1978.

Academic Staff
Kiratzi, Anastasia Professor kiratzi@geo.auth.gr Tel. +30 2310 99.8486
Papadimitriou, Eleftheria Professor ritsa@geo.auth.gr 99.8488
Papazachos, Konstantinos Professor kpapaza@geo.auth.gr 99.8510
Tsapanos, Theodoros Professor tsapanos@geo.auth.gr 99.8498
Tsokas, Grigorios Professor gtsokas@geo.auth.gr 99.8507
Chatzidimitriou, Panagiotis Professor chdimitr@geo.auth.gr 99.8505
Karakostas, Vasilios Professor vkarak@geo.auth.gr 99.1412
Scordilis, Emmanuel Professor manolis@geo.auth.gr 99.1411
Tsourlos, Panagiotis Professor tsourlos@geo.auth.gr 99.8520
Vargemezis, Georgios Professor varge@geo.auth.gr 99.8534
Aidona, Eleni Associate Professor aidona@geo.auth.gr 99.8535
Karakaisis, Georgios Professor Emeritus karakais@geo.auth.gr 99.8484
Kondopoulou, Despoina Professor Emeritus despi@geo.auth.gr 99.8485
Panagiotopoulos, Dimitrios Former Professor panagiot@geo.auth.gr  
Laboratory Teaching Staff
Vamvakaris, Dominikos (Dr)   dom@geo.auth.gr 99.1425
Ventouzi, Chrysanthi (Dr) xrusven@geo.auth.gr 99.1415
Galanis, Odysseus (Dr)   ogalanis@geo.auth.gr 99.1421
Diamanti, Nectaria (Dr)   ndiamant@geo.auth.gr 99.8523
Karagianni, Eleni (Dr)   elkarag@geo.auth.gr 99.1422
Karagianni, Ioanna (Dr)   ikara@geo.auth.gr 99.1424
Kementzetzidou, Despoina (Dr)   dkementz@geo.auth.gr 99.1408
Panou, Areti (Dr)   arpanou@geo.auth.gr 99.1423
Paradisopoulou, Parthena (Dr)   ppara@geo.auth.gr 99.1410
Stampolidis, Alexandros (Dr)   astamp@geo.auth.gr 99.8564
Triantafyllidis, Petros (Dr) trian@auth.gr 99.8585
Fikos, Ilias (Dr)   ifikos@geo.auth.gr 99.1420
Karamesinis, Athanasios   akarames@geo.auth.gr 99.1404
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