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The new reformed Postgraduate Programme "Applied and Environmental Geology" aims to provide highly qualified scientists who will be capable of enhancing the Geological Science, through their independent and innovative research, and who will be capable to remain productive and competitive in a rapidly developing environment.

In order to obtain their Postgraduate Degree of Specialization graduate students are required to successfully complete the 3 semesters that correspond to 90 ECTS. During the 1st and 2nd semesters, which correspond to 60 ECTS, they have to attend and complete successfully the exams of their courses. During the 3rd semester they present a seminar relevant to their specialization which corresponds to 6 ECTS and submit a Master Thesis, which they defend in public, corresponding to 24 ECTS. Additionally, they also participate in field work, laboratory experiments and in a variety of educational and research activities.

The Postgraduate Programme "Applied and Environmental Geology" qualifies graduate students in the following four main fields of specialization:

  1. Structure and Evolution of Sedimentary Basins
  2. Mineral Resources-Environment
  3. Engineering Geology and Environmental Hydrogeology
  4. Applied Geophysics and Seismology


Detailed description of the four specialization fields and their courses will be announced soon.

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