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Department of Mineralogy-Petrology-Economic Geology
Founded in 1983 as Department of Mineralogy-Economic Geology and renamed in 1984  to its current name.

The Department is located in:
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (1st Floor, West Wing and Center)
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (2nd Floor, West Wing)
- Building of the Faculty of Sciences (New Wing)

 Professor Georgakopoulos, Andreas ageorgak@geo.auth.gr Tel. +30 2310 99.8514

Laboratory of Mineralogy and Petrology
Founded in 1929 as Laboratory of Geology, Petrology and Mineralogy and renamed in 1938 to Laboratory of Mineralogy and Petrology.
Head: Professor Koroneos, Antonios.

Laboratory of Geochemistry
Founded in 1976 as Laboratory of Systematic Mineralogy and renamed in 1994 to Laboratory of Geochemistry.
Head: Prof. Melfos, Vasileios.

Laboratory of Economic Geology
Founded in 1990.
Head: Professor Kantiranis, Nikolaos.

Mineralogical and Petrological Museum
Founded in 1940.
Information: Prof. Melfos, Vasileios.

Quartz (rock crystal)
Academic Staff
Georgakopoulos, Andreas Professor ageorgak@geo.auth.gr Tel. +30 2310 99.8514
Koroneos, Antonios Professor koroneos@geo.auth.gr 99.8515
Kantiranis, Nikolaos Professor kantira@geo.auth.gr 99.8437
Melfos, Vasileios Professor melfosv@geo.auth.gr 99.8539
Papadopoulou, Lambrini Professor lambrini@geo.auth.gr 99.8560
Sakellaris, Grigorios Aarne Assistant Professor gsakellaris@geo.auth.gr 99.8481
Dimitriadis, Sarantis Professor Emeritus sarantis@geo.auth.gr 99.8478
Papadakis, Alexandros Professor Emeritus   99.8465
Tsirambides, Ananias Professor Emeritus ananias@geo.auth.gr 99.8504
Christofides, Georgios Professor Emeritus christof@geo.auth.gr 99.8541
Sklavounos, Spyridon Professor Emeritus sklavounos@physics.auth.gr 99.8496
Soldatos, Triantafyllos Former Assoc. Professor soldatos@geo.auth.gr 99.8497
Vavelidis, Michail Professor Emeritus vavelidi@geo.auth.gr 99.8474
Filippidis, Anestis  Professor Emeritus anestis@geo.auth.gr 99.8468
Michailidis, Kleopas Former Professor kleopas@geo.auth.gr 99.8465
Laboratory Teaching Staff
Vogiatzis, Dimitrios (Dr)   dvogias@geo.auth.gr 99.8568
Emmanouilidis, Christos (Dr)   chrisem@geo.auth.gr  99.8567
Technical Laboratory Staff
Oikonomidis, Stavros (Dr) stoikon@geo.auth.gr  99.8551
Sotiriadis, Michail   msotiria@geo.auth.gr  99.8561
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